A Week in the Life of a Republican Activist

Northern Ireland should always be British, and must evolve with the rest of the UK as an integral, equal part of a free, constitutional republic, governed by the will of the people.

British Republican Blog

As a coordinator for my local region of Republic, I have a varied and exciting role that primarily explores different ways to promote republicanism and the aims of the Republic campaign to the general public.

This involves working with the local media, issuing press releases about our group’s activities and arranging interviews with our members. I have arranged visits to other sympathetic and pro-democracy groups to give talks and co-ordinated activities and social events for our supporters. These include leafleting sessions, manning stalls and tables at events, demonstrations when members of the royal family visit the area, visiting relevant museums or other attractions and fund raising.

A typical week for me involves welcoming new supporters, answering emails from members, (both new and current), following up on new ideas, arranging events, managing our budget, ordering merchandise and equipment, and communicating with other local areas. We work closely with Republic HQ and…

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